Truewhite whitening system is a current product that is revolutionary in the market used to whiten discolored teeth.  It is unique because it makes use of ray of blue LED (Light Emitting Diode) to activate the whitening gel to give dramatic and desired results. The LED light makes use of selected wavelengths of dental grade peroxide formula that enable the safe whitening of teeth.Truewhite whitening system reviews are used to enhance the products created and come up with even better ones.

Other products in the market that have come up to help in the whitening discolored teeth also include special brushes that go beyond the normal brushing of teeth that the usual daily toothbrush does. One such product is the Million Dollar Smile Brite Brush.

Have you ever thought that some of the dental complications and problems you experience sometimes could be caused by the toothbrush that you use? It is important to daily use a toothbrush well to clean your teeth, but it could actually be that same toothbrush that is causing health issues and poor oral hygiene.

Scientists who have done research have shown that an average toothbrush may be contaminated with a lot of germs like the staphylococci, streptococci and E Coli which are among the leading causes of tooth decay and gum disease. It has been proved that even after your toothbrush is rinsed numerous times, it may still be contaminated with pathogenic organisms.

The new and revolutionary brush – Brite Brush kills bacteria and germs which cause tooth decay and gum disease using proven technology. The ultraviolet (UV) light has been shown to be effective through various studies in killing bacteria and germs on toothbrushes. This is especially when using sources that emit a light wavelength of 253.7 nanometers or a higher wavelength.

The revolutionary kind of technology used in Brite Brush incorporates advanced micro edge technology that has a powerful blue spectrum LED inside the toothbrush. This light emitting diode within the toothbrush mainly produces light wavelengths of about 430-450 nanometers which ensure that the whitening process is extremely effective, very safe yet at the same time powerful.

This technology also promises faster results than other methods that use carbamide peroxide as opposed to hydrogen peroxide in the whitening gel. Carbamide peroxide has been known to take up to four times longer than pure hydrogen peroxide gel in order to totally get activated. It takes the carbamide reaction about a whole hour, and it must also get converted to hrdrogen peroxide for it to be able to whiten. The equivalent strength of the carbamide peroxide is only about 1/3 in hydrogen peroxide form, therefore most of the take home kits that use it (carbamide peroxide)as a main whitening agent will definitely yield less and much weaker results than those of hydrogen peroxide gel which activates very quickly.

Using the Brite brush will also help to enhance the whitening power of the whitening toothpaste that is used; it will help to reverse and prevent gingivitis and it will also reduce plaque.

The truewhite whitening system is a new product in the market that allows the users to gain your confidence and smile back by whitening discolored teeth. It promises to make teeth white, and uses a ray of blue LED (Light Emitting Diode) light to do the job. Truewhite whitening system reviews from happy clients are proof enough that the product is effective and is becoming more popular.

There is a wide variety of these whitening products and kits on the market for clients to choose from. Some of the teeth whitening kits contain whitening gel trays that are already pre-loaded, others have whitening strips, some use a LED light when speeding up the teeth whitening process, and still others have teeth wipes that clean up the teeth before the whitening process. Other teeth whitening kits may include all the above listed or a combination of these. It is important when using any other kits to follow instructions in order to get the best results.

One of the kits used in the teeth whitening process is the Smile Sciences Teeth Whitening Kit. This particular kit includes the teeth whitening gel by Smile Sciences, two vitamin E sticks, formable lower and upper trays for teeth, the teeth whitening maintenance pens and a LED activation light. This kit is registered by FDA and is approved by dental hygienists and dentists. The LED light that is included in the kit helps in activating the gel that whitens the teeth so that the effect on your teeth is more dramatic and much faster than when the gel has been used all by itself.

The manufacturers of the Smile Science Teeth Whitening kit assure the buyer that their teeth will get up to ten shades brighter in a completely painless process. As compared to home molded kits, note that formable whitening trays that come with such a kit provide a better option since they have an individualized fit. It therefore ensures that the whitening gel is retained against the teeth and does not come into contact with the gums as this may cause burning or irritation.

For best results, follow instructions by applying the gel onto the molded teeth trays and then insert the tray into your mouth. Use the activation LED light by applying it on your smile for around twenty minutes then rinse out your mouth and the molded tray. The evidence of the whitened teeth should be seen immediately after the client uses the kit the first time, but significant improvement should be seen after the kit has been used severally.

Some of the advantages of using the Smile Science Teeth Whitening kit include:

·         It uses the pens and the whitening gel therefore is very effective.

·         The results guaranteed are that your teeth will become ten shades whiter within ten days.

·         The kit comes with whitening tray that is moldable and this allows the user to have a customized fit during the treatment.

·         The LED blue light activation on the gel during treatment assists in accelerating the teeth whitening results.